Playboy Goes Large

It takes some intestinal fortitude to be searching for your identity whilst in the process of drowning. Playboy is on life support and roaming to and fro with Cooper Hefner running ideas up the flagpole like transgendered Playmates and chicks in clothing. read more

Tamara Ecclestone Breastfeeding Three Year Old For Promotional Purposes (VIDEO)

Ecclestone's been featuring her brazen toddler nursing frequently as part of her shtick. It's a cynical attempt to thrust herself into real world mom discussions.  read more

Hot Young Married Female Teachers Making American High Schools Great Again

America blows the rest of the world out of the water when it comes to hot young female teachers and naughty after school sex education. read more

Kevin Spacey Used the Old Vic to Service His Dick

If you're a pedophile, you pursue the ice cream truck or librarian assistant industries. Dudes with Napoleon complexes who still want hot tail get into rock. If you love young man meat, you start a theater company. read more

Dean McDermott Headed to a Fate Worse Than Sex With Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott's calling in life seems to be making babies. It's not a bad gig if you can get it, especially if you never have to pay for them.  read more

Dancing With the Stars Screwed Coma Girl (VIDEO)

If you're closely following Dancing With the Stars, you're likely a fan of cock or cats, but not the both. It's a succinct means to explain the demo. You also witnessed one of the worst off-script moments in unscripted television. read more

Mnuchins Still Not Quite Understanding Optics

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin betrothed Louise Linton in a manner similar to how Harvey Weinstein decided who got female roles in his movies.  read more

Olivia Munn, Jenny McCarthy, Hope Solo... We Score The Hollywood Sex Accusers Tales of Woe on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #110

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we delved deep into the numerous alleged sexual harassment offenses of women in Hollywood, the H.W. teenaged Cop-a-Feeling, wonder how Kim Kardashian free passes her way into a baby shower with no fetus around, wonder who the first... read more

Rose McGowan Surrenders to Cops

In a twist not at all ironic, Rose McGowan turned herself into the police on outstanding charges. She's been fighting for this very thing to happen to Harvey Weinstein since she first broke her paid-NDA and declared him her rapist.  read more

Kevin Spacey Now Walks the 'Gentle Path'

Kevin Spacey was spotted by paparazzi slogging his yoga mat and juice around the Meadows rehab clinic in Arizona. This is the go-to sex addiction clinic for famous people running from shame and criminal charges. read more

Justice League Got the Male Gaze Amazons and Bored White Women Are Pissed

Thanks to a male director and male wardrobe designer, the Justice League Amazons are showing much more skin than their counterparts in the Wonder Woman version, helmed by a woman with a female wardrobe designer. It's the Grassy Knoll, but discussing breast plate size. read more

Colin Kaepernick Is Your GQ Citizen of the Year

The long history of the GQ Citizen of the Year award dates back to about 24 hours ago. There's not a single mention of this named award anywhere to be found before GQ made a big publicity splash by naming Colin Kaepernick their winner. read more