Jesse Pinkman Gay Club Breakdown


Aaron Carter's highway to mental breakdown is being punctuated with various diversions before he eventually points those Second Amendment rights at himself. Carter recently announced that he puts the B in LGBT - B meaning Batshit crazy - and last night performed at a gay club in his home state of Florida (shocker). Revelers at sold-out Hamburger Mary's in Shitville, USA were supportive of Carter's ramblings, and those with Cryptkeeper fetishes even thought of sneaking backstage to rattle his bi-bones. 

In a new video from TMZ, Carter can be heard proclaiming that he is indeed bisexual and that he's written a new song about his prostitute ex-girlfriend. He then emotionally sobs, kind of like a little bitch, before collecting himself and presumably screeching out some miscarriage of a tune.

More than four people looking to score meth showed up to Carter's concert, which must have been a thrill for him. Fame slut gay-baiting isn't off the table for Carter, but given his recent kooky behavior, I can't imagine he has the coordination to pull off an Andrew "I am a gay man right now just without the physical act" Garfield with this mess. And Instagram models have watered down the meaning of "bisexual" to "selfie friends 4 ever." So, I don't know what Carter is. Just, not long for this world if people keep congratulating him for his BRAVERY instead of implementing a 5150.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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